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What is YooHoo and Friends?Edit

Yoohoo and Friends are a soft toy brand collection created by Aurora World. They are based off rare and endangered animals such as Red Squirrels, Lemures and many more. Because of their popularity they have been animated into cartoons atleast three times.

There have been three separate series; one is about YooHoo and friends collecting magical seeds to save their home Yootopia (South Korea and other Asian languages); the second series is about YooHoo and friends finding gems to become humans again. This series was developed by David Feiss (English and other European languages). The third is the newest series where they are taller and all have accessories (language not set). Because of their loved design and big eyes YooHoo and friends have been copied a few times especially by TY and their brand Beanie Boos.

Characters: Edit


YooHoo: He is a leader and has crush on Pammee and helping stuff. He is a cream and grey Bush Baby with blue and grey striped tail and blue eyes.

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Pammee: She is a princess and has crush on YooHoo and has an optimistic. Pammee can hear things. She is a white Fennec Fox with pink and white striped tail and pink eyes.

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Lemmee: He is the sourpuss and argues with Roodee. He is a Ring-tailed Lemur with grey and white striped tail, black markings and yellow eyes.

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Roodee: He is the inventor and he is smart,happy and argues with Lemmee. Roodee is a Capuchin Monkey with brown and orange striped tail and yellow eyes.

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Chewoo: She's a red squirrel and also the cheerleader and being playful,cheerful and being sillies. She is a Red Squirrel with white striped and pink eyes.

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Pookee, Poppi and Peppi: They are Meerkats brothers with 3 different coloured markings: Purple, magenta and yellow. YooHoo, Lemmee and Chewoo (except Pammee and Roodee) are sometimes against Pookee, Poppi and Peppi. Peppi is very good friends with Chewoo.

Other Characters: Edit





Latest activity: Edit

Yoohoo and friends: Talking yoohoo on a iphone or ipad. ~ yoohooand friends.

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